Artist Project Archive

The Squire Foundation’s Artist in Residence program operates on a very simple premise: empowerment creates the conditions for creative minds to thrive. By removing as many of the obstacles as possible, our model relies on letting the artist accomplish her own agenda.

Squire artists receive accommodations, workspace, a support team that includes art services and community outreach, a monthly stipend for materials costs, and a closing exhibition at a local gallery or other suitable venue. We only ask that our artists give back to our local community during their residency, whether it be a lecture at a local university or through a teaching workshop or artist talk.

We have had the privilege to work with many incredible artists over the years through our Artist in Residence program. Seeing the creative process come to life in an individual artist is the payoff for us, and maintaining an alumni network allows us to be a part of that process for the long haul.

You will find here press, accomplishments and interviews with and about our beloved Artists in Residence Alumni.

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