Ethan Turpin

Spring 2019 Artist in Residence


Ethan Turpin was born in Santa Barbara County, one of the most flammable places on Earth. Working as an independent video producer and media artist since 1999, his documentaries and immersive exhibits have shown in film festivals and museums nationwide, spanning topics such as water quality and wildlife. Ethan is a credentialed press photographer specializing in fire incidents for various media affiliates. He may often be found in the hills checking out his favorite native plants before, during, and after fire.

Ethan’s Residency Project:

The Burn Cycle Project started as a design and production service in 2013 to help grow understanding of wildfire’s risks, roles, and behaviors. We offer immersive and interactive media experiences for both professionals and residents living near fire-lands. Content is generated through collaborations with fire services, scientists, artists, journalists, and educators, for exhibition in public spaces. Whether from the fireline or a data-stream, we communicate what will grab and hold attention. More about Ethan’s Project here.