Graham Keeble

Fall 2018 Artist in Residence

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Graham Keeble

Metal sculptor, Graham Keeble, was born and raised in the foothill town of Nevada City, Ca. He began welding in 1994 as an eleven year old, salvaging scrap metal to create his early works. Over two decades later, what began as a quest to resource affordable materials has evolved into a fine art process that fuses repurposed wood and salvaged metals.

Keeble attended School of the Art Institute, Chicago on scholarship and graduated in 2007. Upon graduating, he returned to Nevada City where he pursued a career in the arts. In 2009, he began working at Sierra Sculpture where he quickly became shop foreman and manager. He presently holds that position and has been responsible for the casting and finishing of dozens of bronze monuments and hundreds of other sculptures for a renowned artist whose work can be found in public and private collections across the country and overseas.

Although his career is in bronze sculpture, Graham seeks to create pieces that showcase sustainability in his own work. He finds inspiration in the salvaged wood, recycled steel and scrap metal pieces he collects. He prefers the personal element that scavenged materials provide and the one of a kind outcome to which they lend themselves.

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