Healing Hut for Soul Repair

Healing Hut for Sould Repair,    title.jpg

The Squire Foundation has partnered with artist Colleen M. Kelly, creator of Healing Hut for Soul Repair to help her bring this creative form of healing to the community. 

Healing Hut for Soul Repair is a temporary public art installation created in response to the Santa Barbara region’s recent Thomas Fire and January 9th mudslide disasters. Inspired by shared childhood memories of making blanket forts in our living rooms and bedrooms, artist Colleen M. Kelly has created a movable, adult-sized ‘healing hut’ for area residents of all ages. Designed to recreate those forts’ cocoon-like sense of safety and comfort, Kelly notes, “I want people to experience the Healing Hut as a quiet place to escape, reflect, and de-stress. The fire and mudslide changed the lives, the terrain, and the spirit of our community. We need many modalities for healing--art is one.”

Healing Hut for Soul Repair.jpg

The Healing Hut for Soul Repair will pop-up, where invited, to locations around Montecito and other South Coast areas. It is meant to be a quiet gift, spontaneously offered.

Colleen M. Kelly is a multidisciplinary artist based in Santa Barbara. She has exhibited nationally and internationally. She is a staunch art advocate and believes that art saves lives.

On March 28th, the Healing Hut for Soul Repair popped up at Westmont College, in the Voskuyl Library.  Over 45 people visited the Healing Hut for Soul Repair for a full sensory experience. 

FOR MORE INFORMATION & FUTURE LOCATIONS: contact Colleen M. Kelly at cmknsb@yahoo.com or call 805-965-7247 and leave a message.