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The late Morris Bear Squire believed that artists have an obligation to be social and civic leaders, expressing through their art creative ways of engaging with the world that challenge prevailing assumptions, beliefs, and individual and community values. He understood that public art is a vital and necessary expression of our community footprint in a rapidly evolving world.

Morris’ artistic sensibilities were informed by his clinical experience and his sense of social responsibility. He believed that public art is the most compelling reason for people to pay attention to themselves and to their environment. Morris understood that public art quite literally creates human wellness, and so he viewed the support of public art as a necessary component in building authentic and creative communities. Morris believed that without public art, we would be without the creative symbols we need to develop authentic human identities.

The Squire Foundation continues Morris’ legacy and his commitment to the power of public art through our lending library, comprised of Morris Squire’s paintings, drawings and sculptures. Morris was an eclectic artist, working in diverse media, but his artistic vision was nevertheless focused on the psycho-social profile of the human being in the world and in the midst of community. These themes are repeated again and again throughout a career of over 50 years of artistic practice.

Squire is constantly on the lookout to develop partnerships in communities where Morris’ art can be publicly exhibited and shared. Morris’ art is on display in local, national and international schools, parks, zoos, and various public and private institutions. Squire is also aware of the numerous challenges facing public art in today's modern socio-economic climate, and we keep pace with these challenges by absorbing, when possible, the entire cost of the exhibition of Morris’ works, with a public-minded objective of enabling the display of art for enjoyment, enrichment and study.

Location of Art IN California and Beyond:


Anti-Defamation League of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA

Chabad of Bangkok High, Bangkok, Thailand

Dos Pueblos High School, Engineering Department, Goleta, CA

Funk Zone Art Murals, Santa Barbara, CA

Hillel of UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA

San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA

Santa Barbara Botanic Garden, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara Zoo, Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Maria City and County Parks, Santa Maria, CA

Tower Ministries, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Umbumwe Center, Gisenyi, Rwanda

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Vietnamese Lacquer


Digital Portraits


Crayon on Paper

Dimensional Metal


Ink On Paper

Mixed Medium