Joan Giroux Project

During my time at Squire I will create elements (objects, images, texts) for use in a series of conversations exploring vulnerability, illness, loss and bereavement. This work extends from “life review,” a body of work originally created from personal family narratives begun after my mother’s death, continuing with work memorializing a friend who died of AIDS in 1991, and most recently with artwork generally focused on the concept of a life review in preparation for one’s own death.

I am interested in engaging the local community through social practice methods of art making, and I will focus on making a series of printed ephemera as a final form for this experience. I will hold a participatory workshop as part of my printmaking process, encouraging participants to express their thoughts and personal experiences with loss and memories through a monotype process.

While a resident, I will also work with my collaborator, Lisa Marie Kaftori, to continue developing our project “for the time, being.” We will create a series of memory/healing objects to be used as strategic elements in a socially engaged project focusing on social narratives around illness, death, dying, and survivorship. The forms of the objects will evolve from and encourage processes of remembering and healing. Like talismans, talking sticks, and other traditional objects of healing and empowerment, our memory/healing objects will support the centering of energy and the sharing of thoughts, stories, and experiences.