Mariah Cochrane

Mariah Cochrane’s art comes in many forms. It’s manifested in ceramics and naturally dyed indigo textiles. She believes in surrounding herself with meaningful things. On the busiest of days, beauty and design have the power to bring us back down to earth. By bringing her ceramic pieces and Indigo textiles into someone’s home or garden she shares that simple pleasure with them. Her artistic goal is to spread more beauty into the world and help add to the ever growing community of creators. She has been an educator for the past 6 years, teaching in classrooms and the outdoors, primarily working with preschool and elementary age students. She owns a small local business in Santa Barbara called the Salty Hen and is working towards her master’s in Studio Art. Under the Salty Hen, she sells her ceramic pieces and textiles. Working alongside a creative group of like-minded woman, she curates “pop ups” around town, in which she collaborates with local artists and businesses to showcase her work. Mariah also specializes in running textile and ceramic workshops for adults and youth as her way of contributing to the art community and plans to expand her reach with the support of the Squire Foundation.