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 Image by Kevin Claiborn

Image by Kevin Claiborn

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Tom Pazderka Explores Immigrant Experience In SBCAST Exhibit

The Shoemaker, 12"x12", Ash, oil and charcoal on burned panel, 2018

Santa Barbara, Calif. (Nov. 8, 2018) – Conjuring memories from his childhood in the Czech Republic, Tom Pazderka explores a dark, morbid sense of the immigrant experience in a solo show of new works, “The End Is the Beginning,” presented by LUM Art Zine, at The Santa Barbara Center for Art, Science and Technology (SBCAST). The exhibit, “The End Is the Beginning,” will open with a reception at SBCAST on Dec. 6, and run through Jan. 11. 
In burned and painted wood panels, Pazderka reimagines his old family, neighbors and historical context to reference the ambiguous ‘incompleteness’ of a first generation immigrant. Pazderka’s practice involves burning, drawing, construction/deconstruction and painting, which imbues his work with strange keys of Czech fatalism and American optimism.
“The End Is the Beginning” portrays the darker side of memory, history and nature. By utilizing ash and charcoal, Pazderka references the primordial—life-affirming and life-destroying—human connection to nature, history and memory.
An opening reception for “Tom Pazderka – The End Is the Beginning,” will be held on Thursday, Dec. 6, from 6 to 8 p.m. at SBCAST, 513 Garden St., Santa Barbara.
In conjunction with the exhibit, on Thursday, Dec. 13, at 6 p.m., SBCAST will host a one-hour panel discussion on the condition of the immigrant in artistic representation. Participants in the panel are 1st District Supervisor Das Williams; UCSB Art Professor Marco Pelijhan; Artist Tom Pazderka; LUM Art Zine Editor & Curator Debra Herrick, and Moderator Ted Mills, host of The Funk Zone podcast.
For more information, visit, or contact
About LUM Art Zine
LUM Art Zine is dedicated to engaging the public with Santa Barbara and Ventura area arts and culture through writing, in a free and advertisement-free platform. Readers come to LUM to learn about the current projects and shows of local artists, for critical context and conversation starters, for thinking, talking, making and playing with art. LUM is created on the central coast of California by talented local artists and writers who are committed to championing arts and culture. LUM promotes local artists, art events and organizations through writing, and sponsors art exhibits, panels and events, contributing to the thriving local arts community. To learn more about LUM Art Zine or to sponsor a LUM Art Zine project, visit or contact

Join Us! Upcoming Artist Talks with our Artists In Residence

We have two exciting events coming up featuring our Fall Artists in Residence, Toni Scott and Graham Keeble. This coming Saturday, October 20th, Toni will be giving an artist talk at State Gallery at Youth Interactive from 2:00-3:30 pm. On Saturday, October 27th, Graham will be giving an artist talk at the same location. These artist talks are a great opportunity to learn more about the artists and their work, as well as connect with the Squire Foundation community. We hope to see you there.

Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic Launch

Join Jana Brody for a Workshop and Community Reception
Saturday, September 29

Jana Brody, Squire Community Artist (and The Squire Foundation’s Artist in Residence Program Manager), is part of the leadership team on the Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic project.


Workshop and Community Reception

2:30 -5:30 PM - Free Bilingual Mosaic Making Workshop
5:30 -7:30 PM - Community Reception
723 State Street

RSVP for either event by emailing

Betsy Gallery of Elizabeth Gallery Mosaics and Project Manager, Robin Elander of Global Good Impact Consulting are hosting a free mosaic making workshop Saturday, September 29 from 2:30 - 5:30 PM. A community reception will be held after the workshop from 5:30- 7:30 PM at 723 State Street.

We will share how the community can get involved in creating the Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic, a 50 - foot timeline mosaic of Santa Barbara's history from the Jurassic Period to modern times.

The public will be invited to purchase a personalized tile for $150 which will help raise funds to fabricate the mosaic and to offer free classes where members of the community can help create the mosaic.

The project is modeled after London's Queenhithe Dock Mosaic, a 100-foot mosaic highlighting London's history from the Roman period to modern times. "We would like to invite residents, businesses and local organizations to help us create this local legacy art project that will share Santa Barbara's story from an environmental, anthropological, business and cultural perspective, said lead artist Betsy Gallery.

Learn more at

The Santa Barbara Timeline Mosaic is a project that will be built in collaboration with the entire community, and ultimately will be an educational public art piece for visitors and residents alike for generations (500 + years) to come, once installed. Our goal is to allow people of all ages to learn about our ancient past, recent history and to inspire our future.

Upcoming Workshops with Tom Pazderka

Squire Community Artist, Tom Pazderka, will be leading two workshops at the Carpinteria Arts Center.

Click on the class titles below for more details and to register.

Draw and Paint from Photographs

 Orquevaux Grande Rue - Tom Pazderka, 2018

Orquevaux Grande Rue - Tom Pazderka, 2018

Price for entire three-day class series: $247/$225 for members

Date: THREE Saturdays - OCT 13, 20, 27
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Registration Deadline: October 3

This will be a beginner's course on the basics of using simple techniques like grids and projections to copy and enlarge photos and create unique and wonderful hand drawn renditions that are more true to life than sighting and sketching.  

The workshop will cover basic drawing and painting materials, tools and techniques needed to execute a beautiful drawing of a photograph.  You will learn how to copy, transcribe and render from virtually any image available.

Painting with Fire and Ash, the Basics

 Tom Pazderka, Nostalgie XI - ash and charcoal and oil paint on burned wood, 2018

Tom Pazderka, Nostalgie XI - ash and charcoal and oil paint on burned wood, 2018

Price for entire three-day class series: $385/$350 for members

Date: THREE Saturdays - NOV 3, 10, 17
Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Registration Deadline: October 25

In this unique course, Tom Pazderka will show you the experimental patinting techinque he has developed over the past two years that combines using fire, ash and oil paint to render images.

This will be an intense and fun workshop unlike anything you have experienced in an art course before.

You will learn the basic techniques and safety procedures, you will work indoors and outdoors, and there will be demos and one-on-one critiques.  Requires a basic understanding of working from photographs.

Announcing an Exciting Collaboration with Artist Manjari Sharma

 Photo by Manjari Sharma

Photo by Manjari Sharma

The Squire Foundation announces that internationally renowned and exhibited Artist Manjari Sharma has been chosen to collaborate as a Community Artist, and as our Spring 2019 Artist In Residence, on a very special project that debuted in New York City, specifically in the artist's shower in Brooklyn, NY. Manjari writes, "The Shower Series, started in 2009 where friends and some complete strangers were invited to come into into my home and take showers as I continued to photograph them. The project was risquè and bold in it's premise, but was never intended to be about the naked body. The experience of making this work fast turned into a fascinating social experiment. I found that the simple act of showering, which is highly personal in nature, yet universal in practice became a powerful portal of access. As the light and water danced off my subjects bodies, my toes got wet and lens got fogged, a portrait was created and a multitude of disarming dialogues recorded. Unsuspectingly, people shared very personal stories during their time in that intimate space. One subject discussed what the air felt like when they reached the summit of a treacherous mountain, another shared what it felt like to slowly count their breaths after hearing about crippling loss of a loved one. The water became a vehicle of intimacy, and a conduit for human connection. The shower turned into a pious space of confession that was bound by the fabric of several stories and portraits experienced over the span of three years."

Manjari Sharma born and raised in Mumbai, India has recently transplanted to Southern California after spending twelve years in New York City. Manjari says she is delighted to have this opportunity to be a residency artist under the auspices of The Squire Foundation. After Debuting the project in 2013 in Chelsea, NYC, The Shower Series gets to be resurrected again in Santa Barbara, says Manjari. Manjari looks forward to making work in a home that celebrates the legacy that Morris Squire so passionately left behind. The Squire Foundation plans to have an unveiling of the work created during this residency in March 2019. More details to come.

Introducing our FALL 2018 Artists in Residence

 Graham Keeble, image courtesy of the artist

Graham Keeble, image courtesy of the artist

 Toni Scott, image courtesy of the artist

Toni Scott, image courtesy of the artist

Our Fall Artist in Residence (AIR) Season is here!!

We are particularly proud to welcome Toni Scott and Graham Keeble into the Squire Foundation Artist In Residence Family. We have anticipated working with these artists for some time, and that is a story in itself.

Both Toni and Graham came to us by way of what we like to call the Squire Network - Toni through her time spent with our Spring 2016 AIR Peter Bradley, and Graham through our wonderful relationship with the Lifshitz Family.

An amazing benefit of our AIR program has been the exposure given to us through our Alumni artists and their supporters. Without them we would hardly know where to go next.

With every AIR season, cross-pollination ensues, and Squire is left with the best result - our artists referring other artists and their supporters to Squire. Inevitably, organic relationships are built, and Squire benefits from what a commitment to the Arts has always facilitated most - a personal and generational continuity, which inevitably leads to sustained creative innovation and support.

Both Toni and Graham will be working closely with Youth Interactive this season, and we are very excited to be partnering with them at their brand new location on State Street across from the Granada Theatre. Toni and Graham will be hosting artist talks, conducting workshops, and each will be featuring work in the Youth Interactive Gallery during First Thursday Events in October and November.

Exciting News from Jodie Hollander, Alumni Artist in Residence

We are very proud to announce that our 2016 Alumni Artist In Residence (AIR), Jodie Hollander, has been accepted as the first-ever Poet-in-Residence with the Museum of Northern Arizona (MNA) in Flagstaff!!

Congratulations Jodie and well done!!

Jodie’s residency will include events like an “ekphrastic” style teaching workshop, based from the exhibitions in the Museum, as well as local public readings. And what’s really exciting is that MNA has provided Jodie with a studio overlooking the Colorado Plateau - where she will be working on new projects. Not a bad view to write from I would say!!

As some might recall, Jodie was also Squire’s first Poet-in-Residence, and we at Squire are absolutely thrilled with her success. Indeed, Jodie seems to be going from strength to strength. In addition to her MNA residency (which begins September 1st), she will also present her book My Dark Horses at this year’s Miami Book Fair (she presents Nov. 17th and 18th). The Miami Book Fair is one of the largest and most important book fairs in the world - and an invitation to present is a really big deal. Oh, and I almost forgot to mention, My Dark Horses will also be one of the required texts for a poetry course at Penn State University this fall.

It gives us so much pleasure to update the Squire community about our Alumni AIR’s and their progress after leaving Squire, because their achievements are the most direct evidence we have of Squire’s impact.

Celebrating our Alumni AIR’s continuing success and achievements gives Squire the 20/20 hindsight it needs to see how our AIR programming has been successful-and how to make it better.

Please visit Jodie's website to see a list of her upcoming events, and if you haven’t already picked up My Dark Horses, I encourage everyone to pick up a copy and see for themselves the work that bolsters and propels Jodie’s success as an artist.

Solvang Public Art Unveiling - Morris Squire's "The Golden Stein"

 Golden Stein sculpture, Morris Squire, 2014

Golden Stein sculpture, Morris Squire, 2014

The City of Solvang is excited to announce the unveiling of The Golden Stein!
The piece is on loan to the City of Solvang from The Squire Foundation, and will be placed for
exhibition in the center median of First Street between Copenhagen and Molle Way. The
Morris B. Squire Foundation is a lending resource of contemporary art which makes the late Morris Squire’s art available for exhibition at locations throughout the world.

The public unveiling event will be Friday, August 31, 2018 at 4:00 p.m. with a reception to
follow at The Copenhagen Sausage & Beer Garden located at 1660 Copenhagen Drive.

Click here to read about the upcoming unveiling at The Santa Maria Times.

JuxtaPOSE Art Review in This Week's Independent

The following is an excerpt of the article written by Charles Donelan for the Santa Barbara Independent, originally printed July 2, 2018.  Click here to read the full article.

‘JuxtaPOSE’ at The Arts Fund

Four Artists Expand the Field of Portraiture

Monday, July 2, 2018
By Charles Donelan

cell xRoman.jpg

Nothing says anthropocentric like a good old-fashioned portrait. Isolated, regally upright, and centered among objects chosen to enhance its prestige, classical portraiture celebrates men and women as the measures of all things. In JuxtaPOSE, the group exhibit currently on view at The Arts Fund, curator Ashley Woods Hollister has gathered works by four artists — Connie Connally, Sommer Roman, Lindsey Ross, and Leslie Lewis Sigler — into a provocative examination of what portraiture might become in an expanded field extending beyond the limits of unaided human perception.

For millennia, human understanding has been confined to our species umwelt, meaning the world as it is experienced by a particular organism, in this case that of Homo sapiens. As we learn more about how other species perceive the world — and in particular how they depend for evolutionary survival on senses we lack, such as a bat’s sonar hearing or a migratory bird’s internal magnetic compass — our knowledge of the world is revealed to be what it has been all along: a small sliver of the fabric of physical reality as a whole.