Draw to Explore : Journaling and the Artistic Process. Mentor Artist, Julie B. Montgomery

Experience working in a full time art studio and gain insight into the responsibilities and nuances of life as a working artist. (Photos taken from one of Julie Montgomery's classes).

Create a small, cohesive body of work on archival paper while exploring mediums such as charcoal, ink, conte, graphite, gesso and acrylic using kneaded eraser, blending stick and brushes.

Discover your own unique, individual expression alongside discussion of drawing artists such as Peake, Warshaw, Picasso, Klee, Twombly, and Rauchenberg to name a few. The class will also cover aspects of being a career artist such as websites and working with galleries. Julie followed up with students after the class via email, providing them inspiration, tips, and also letting them know how proud she was after seeing progress and inspiration from her students.

Classes are held Saturdays from 1-5pm from March 22-May 3.