Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum, Mural Artwork Created By Students

Under the guidance of John Hood, Professor of Art and Design at Allan Hancock College, 20 students are collaboratively designing, executing, and installing an approximately 75’ mural at The Santa Maria Valley Discovery Museum.

When we asked John, "Why a mural?", his response was:

“The practice of wall painting is one of the oldest art forms. It is was a way of visually communicating with the "other world" important aspects of the human condition. Nothing has changed with mural wall paintings of today. We choose this format to loudly express our passions and wishes - the community is richer for it. The mural process is one of exploration of materials, ideas, and adventure. It’s about working together to make a mark.” - John Hood
This collaboration between students, Mr. Hood, and The Discovery Museum, was made possible by The Arts Fund of Santa Barbara, CA, & funding by Morris B. Squire Foundation of Santa Barbara, CA.

A view of the student's mural projects in progress (above).