Jodie Hollander Poetry Readings in Chicago

Squire Artist in Residence Alum, Jodie Hollander, is currently on a book tour reading from her new book of collected poetry, My Dark Horses.  Most recently, she had four stops in Chicago, Illinois.  Next, she heads back to her home state of Colorado. 

To find out more about Jodie and her poetry, visit her website

A BOX - by Jodie Hollander

All those years
of trying to understand
which of this is her,
which of this is me?
Getting at the truth
was always so confusing
amidst her craziness;
how to separate?
And though the shrink said
Put her in a box—
I never quite could
until that Saturday
when the doorbell rang:
and there stood a man
thin and bedraggled,
dripping in the rain.
He held a clipboard,
a small warped box,
containing my mother
or rather her remains.
Sign here, he said,
and handed me the box.
Funny how this came
surprisingly unbidden,
though I’ve often wondered
if in a weak moment
I didn’t wish for this.
But now that it’s here
what am I to do
except to hold it close,
feel its roughness
up against my cheek,
smell that terrible smell
of factory cardboard
now finally between us.

Images courtesy of Jodie Hollander