Nicole C. Berry Fall 2019 Update

Community Artist


Since becoming a community artist at the Squire Foundation we have partnered with NCEAS and MOXI resulting in the exhibition “Women in Science.” Since then I have established working relationships resulting in my being a working Artist in Santa Barbara. I am so appreciative to the foundation for all my success. Thank you Squire Foundation for supporting artists—it has resulted in the Artist being able to support themselves.

Recent Projects:

  1. Working with Toad&Co

  2. Working with Rob Rodeny Bags

  3. Working with Firestone Sisters photography featured in goop

  4. Working with NCEAS expanding in a direction of layering child art interpretations of climate change onto Portraits of scientist working with data to solve environmental issues.

  5. Creating video piece of Japanese Performers in Lotus Land Garden for Museum in LA celebrating Japanese culture.