Sommer Roman

Fall 2017 Artist in Residence

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Sommer Roman was born and raised in California.  She received her BA from UC Santa Cruz in 2004, and her MFA from UC Santa Barbara in 2014.  She maintains a multi-disciplinary practice that spans sculpture, painting, and drawing and teaches part-time at California Polytechnic University (Cal Poly).  In 2015 Sommer was the inaugural artist-in-residence at UC Santa Barbara, which culminated in the Spring with her solo exhibit, Passage.  Other recent projects include: Left Coast; Recent Acquisitions of Contemporary Art, a group exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art, and a two-person exhibit at Cal State Channel Islands, and Out of the Great Wide Open (group exhibit) at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Artist Statement

I’m interested in alternative modes of being, thinking, and making sense of the world… an alter-logical, multi-sensory intellect that stretches beyond the safety of cerebral and verbal certitude and that holds links to the private worlds of: home, heart, land, and body.  While working with materials and imagery associated with those realms (domestic discards, used textiles, micrographs of plant life etc). I study their visual language as well as create new ones. There, a mélange occurs: material, mind, body, nature, senses, and impulse, co-mingle in an unhindered, play-making process.  This process leads to playful hybrids that exist & thrive outside of dualistic paradigms and instead in less sensical more sensuous & sensory realms, inviting their encounterers to do the same… with hope that they reveal alternate & inclusive routes toward understanding oneself and the relationship to our surrounding world.