Ruben Espinoza and a Mural at the Far West Tavern Building in Guadalupe

photo by Ashley W. Hollister

On Sunday, June 24th the Dunes Center, in partnership with The Squire Foundation, held a mural unveiling celebration.  Ruben Espinoza, one of The Squire Foundation's Artist in Residence, began working on this new temporary mural on June 18th.  The mural is on the side of the former Far Western Tavern building.  Perhaps some of you were able to see the work in progress.

The mural is the result of a collaborative effort between The Squire Foundation and the Dunes Center in Guadalupe with the goal of sharing public art pieces that bring the community together.

The painting, designed and installed by Ruben Espinoza, will be representative of the dynamic community of Guadalupe.

Ruben Espinoza is a local artist born and raised in Santa Maria and currently an Artist in Residence with the Squire Foundation. Espinoza’s work can be found around the Central Coast and Southern California and he is known for his installations that facilitate public engagement.

Click here for more about Ruben and the project.