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Giant Puppet Making Workshop with Thingumajig Theatre

Thingumajig_Handmade Parade (1 of 2).jpeg

Feb: 17-19, 21-25, 27-28*
SBCAST, 513 Garden Street, Santa Barbara
(*Workshop exact dates and times TBD - check back soon!)

Thingumajig Theatre will lead a group of local artists through a two-week course teaching the fabrication of giant street puppets. Giant puppets take the captivating magic of puppets and expand them to work outside, on the streets and into fields. They create a focal point for a parade or a protest and they add spectacle and poetry to events. When created and performed with care, they can create the awe and openness necessary for an event or performance to transport the audience to another world.

In this 2-week giant puppet workshop, puppet maker and performer Thingumajig Theatre directors Andrew and Kathy Kim will lead a group of 6-14 local artists through all the stages of making giant street puppets. This will start from concept to design. We will will discuss different materials and the advantages and disadvantages of certain material choices. We will make scale drawings and research images, colors, designs. We will build armature where we can sculpt the clay heads. We will discuss sculpture techniques and what details makes an effective puppet. We will build body bases using bamboo, aluminum, nylon tubing and foam which is sculptural, strong but light. We will sculpt with foam to make hands, horns or other appendages. We will teach how to rig puppets so they have effective and ergonomic movement. We will make costumes and show how we make choices which are effective but also practical for a puppet which can last for years. We will share painting techniques which helps to bring the puppet to life. And finally we will work with the participants to teach giant puppet movement techniques which they will be able to carry with them to animate all type of puppets and masks.