Jodie Hollander Chicago Book Tour

Squire Artist in Residence Alum, Jodie Hollander, spent much of 2017 and 2018 on a poetry reading tour for her new book of collected poetry, My Dark Horses.  We collaborated with Jodie in April, 2018 to support a trip to Chicago, Illinois for four poetry readings.

Jodie's Chicago trip consisted of a stop at Volumes Bookcafe with Christina Pugh, 57th Street Books with Chris Green, as well as a Rhino Poetry evening at Bookends & Beginnings and finally a reading at Myopic Books. 

To find out more about Jodie and her poetry, visit her website

It was a wonderful experience to partner with Jodie on this endeavor.  She is a talented poet and a wonderful person.  Here is a message from Jodie so you can hear in her own words what the experience meant to her. 

In her words ...

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for supporting me on this incredible journey of readings and representing Squire in Chicago. Overall, the entire experience was an overwhelming success. The first event at Volumes Book Café with professor Christina Pugh was just beautiful. We had great attendance including four of the creative writing faculty at University of Illinois, Chicago. The questions that followed the reading were fascinating - questions such as, “how do you perceive boundaries in your poetry?” “How has your understanding of family and poetry evolved over the course of publishing this book?” The coordinator of the event remarked that she had never seen so many people in tears during a poetry reading! It was so nice to feel that the poems reached others in a meaningful way. Ultimately, part of my goal is to have people feel moved at a poetry event - and at this one they most certainly did!

The second reading, held at 57th street books, was located just down the street from the University of Chicago. The reading was held in a wonderful underground bookstore with seven different quirky rooms of books. The second reader, Chris Green, is a professor of writing at Depaul University. Many in the audience were students at either Depaul or at the University of Chicago. This event had a relaxed and fun ambience and the intimate setting and close proximity of the audience rendered this perhaps my favorite of all the readings! I especially enjoyed the poetry conversation that Chris Green and I had about poetry.

The third event was held at Bookends and Beginnings in Evanston. The audience members included several editors and contributors from Rhino poetry magazine as well as students from Northwestern University. This was a lively and delightful crowd that listened very carefully and really seemed to deeply take in the poems. There were also quite a few laughs at the humorous moments in the poems. (Humor is also an experience I want my listeners to have at poetry readings, so was happy to hear so many chuckles!) The staff took me out for a lovely dinner after the event, where I was able to connect with several new poets in the area, which was wonderful.

Finally, the fourth event at Myopic Books was held on Independent Bookstore Day. The bookstore holds an open policy of allowing people to stream in and out of readings making it a fluid event.

All in all, the trip was truly incredible on all fronts.  I am so deeply grateful to all of you for supporting me in this endeavor. Thank you again for such a beautiful experience in Chicago - one I shall cherish always.