Manjari Sharma

Spring 2019 Artist in Residence

“Heather and Rowan” from  The Shower Series , shot at Via Maria Villa in Santa Barbara, CA.

“Heather and Rowan” from The Shower Series, shot at Via Maria Villa in Santa Barbara, CA.

Manjari Sharma was born and raised in Mumbai, India and has recently transplanted from Brooklyn, NY to Santa Barbara, CA. Manjari makes work that is rooted in portraiture addressing the issues of identity, multiculturalism, and personal mythology. Manjari's work has been recognized, awarded, published and exhibited internationally. Metropolitan Museum of Art (NYC), Kunst Museum De Moritzburg (Halle, Germany), Asia Society (Houston), and Carlos Museum (Emory University, Atlanta, upcoming) are a few selected places where her works have been invited. Selected as an honorable mention for the coveted Santa Fe Prize, Manjari's work has been recognized in print and online by The New York Times, Vice Magazine, Monocle, Geo, The New Yorker, CNN, LA Times and NPR to name a few. Manjari has guest lectured and critiqued at The School of Museum of Fine Arts (Boston), The Rubin Museum of Art, Asia Society, The School of Visual Arts, Parsons and The Eddie Adams Workshop. Manjari's work can be found in the permanent collection of The Metropolitan Museum of art and Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and in various private collections.

Manjari is represented in New York City by ClampArt gallery and Richard Levy Gallery based in New Mexico.

Manjari, on her current project, The Shower Series:  

“The theme of The Shower Series has always been reflection, vulnerability and connection and the shower as a space, allows for most subjects to come undone, not just physically but also emotionally. This means I walk away with incredible stories because the shower simply put has an intimacy that encourages people to share. As I have actively spent time at the Via Maria Villa, I have expanded the scope of this series to photographing and capturing the human figure before, during and after the shower. The series will have some familiar traditional portraits, but it will also have bodies suspended, submerged, wading, and waiting (to dry) in various spaces throughout the house and grounds. Besides creating video, photography and some screen prints of my subjects going through the motions, I am also recording their thoughts and our intimate conversations on audio. This audio will become an integral part of the complete installation for this series. I aim for the end result to mimic for our audience the experience of being in a fish bowl, surrounded by water and experiences of people in that water. Water is essential to the human experience, it's essential to the fabric of our being and it's essential to Santa Barbara. The audio you will hear and artwork you see will be reflective of a diverse group of opinionated locals, but the one thing that binds them all ... that in truth binds us all, is water.”

Read more about our collaboration with Manjari here.

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Images from The Shower Series I, shot in Brooklyn, NY