Public Art Partnership with the City of Guadalupe Featuring 21 Squire Foundation Sculptures

One of the 21 sculptures going to Guadalupe.

One of the 21 sculptures going to Guadalupe.

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Sculpture Exhibition Coming to Guadalupe
City of Guadalupe Contact: Robert Perrault 805- 356-3891

The City of Guadalupe is partnering with the Squire Foundation to bring a large number of sculptures to the City of Guadalupe. Approximately 20 sculptures of various sizes and themes will be placed in prominent locations throughout the City. Sites selected for the display are both publicly and privately owned. All locations are highly visible and will be conducive to those interested in taking either a walking or biking tour.

The first set of sculptures will begin arriving on June 27th and full installation will be completed by the middle of July. Remaining in place for a minimum of 5 years the sculptures will add color and character to the downtown.

The sculptures are on “loan” to the City from the Squire Lending Library. The Lending Library is the legacy of the late Morris Bear Squire. Mr. Squire, an artist local to Santa Barbara believed that public art is the most compelling reason for people to pay attention to themselves and to their environments. Morris understood that public art is a necessary component in building authentic and creative communities.

City Clerk Joice Earleen Raguz volunteered and assisted the City and the Squire Foundation in identifying the sculptures and the locations for installation. The City will host an event/ walking tour of the sculptures in July after all of the sculptures have been installed.