Since the 1970s, the Squire Foundation has supported emerging and experimental artistic styles in an effort to nurture an environment of creative empowerment in the world.


Via Maria Villa (the late Morris B Squire's estate) is nestled in the foothills of Santa Barbara, California and houses the contemporary artworks from the late Morris B. Squire, (1923-2014).  The Foundation serves as a full-time lending resource exhibiting and loaning the artwork and sculptural creations to interested educational institutions and other appropriate organizations to catalyze and advance the growth of contemporary art.

Upon arrival to [Via Maria Villa], one is greeted by its lush plants, brightly colored wild flowers, and larger-than-life sculptures in the Genius series... art is whimsical and resembles a combination of original Burning Man art meets Salvador Dali.
— Joanne Calitri, Montecito Journal

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